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Clym’s corporate headquarters are located in our Frederick, MD facility, just a few steps away from the thriving downtown area and Carroll Creek Promenade.  Since 1998, Clym has called Frederick home to our administrative offices and local field services unit.  We are an active part of our local community having provided comprehensive recycling services for Celebrate Frederick events including the Fourth of July Celebration and In The Street festival, supporting countless local charitable fundraisers like Relay For Life and sponsoring the Taste of Gourmet for the Kline Hospice House.

From our Tilco Drive facility, Clym supports our core services including:

Safety Support Services

Clym’s safety professionals provide on-site safety consultancy to local biotechs and manufacturing facilities.  Our staff serves as the Safety Managers for institutions that don’t have the budget for a full-time safety presence.  From safety committee meetings, to training program development and delivery, to gaps analyses and program reviews, our team keeps life sciences companies, healthcare offices and educational institutions in the greater Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia markets in compliance with environmental health and safety regulations.

Waste Management Services

Serving the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas through the West Virginia and into southern Pennsylvania, Clym’s waste management team provides comprehensive waste solutions to generators of medical, chemical and radioactive wastes. 

We also support Frederick County businesses by providing waste audits and consultancy on waste reduction and recycling strategies.  In addition, Clym provides point of generation single stream recycling services throughout the county.  Visit our recycling webpage to learn more or to request service at

Our warehouse storage are serves as the supply center for our nationwide radioactive and mixed waste management service where we routinely assist clients from New Hampshire to Alabama in controlling the liability associated with these hazardous waste streams.

Decommissioning Services

Our Tilco Drive facility also serves as the supply center for our nationwide laboratory decommissioning service.  This group helps companies decontaminate spaces that formerly worked with hazardous materials and assure that future users of those spaces will be free from harm.  We maintain an extensive collection of environmental monitoring equipment, radiation detection instrumentation, protective equipment and gear as well as our radioanalytical laboratory licensed by the State of Maryland and recognized nationally by state and federal regulatory agencies.

From local doctors and dentists in Frederick City to Frederick County cornerstones like Lonza Walkersville, local businesses depend on Clym for comprehensive safety and waste management services.  Contact us today at (301) 694-6000 if we can be of service to your organization.