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CLYMCAST™ Compliance & Safety Training

CLYMCAST™ Compliance and Safety Training is an easy and effective way for medical facilities to comply with safety and environmental regulations. It allows you flexibility to comply without stressing your budget or your schedule.

Do you use videos, lectures or other computer-based training? These options may seem convenient, but they don’t offer the customization or coverage of CLYMCAST™. You’d likely need multiple products to encompass all the information in one CLYMCAST™ package. And, how many lectures, videos or computer-based training methods provide written programs and on-site professional consulting? CLYMCAST™ lets you forget about a jumble of inefficient and time consuming training headaches while offering a more sure-footed path to compliance.

Did You Know?

  • You must follow the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard including at least annual training and a site-specific written program.
  • OSHA recently revised the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard adding stringent requirements to record and control needle stick injuries.
  • Medical waste is a hazardous material, and those who offer it for transportation need training.
  • The Hazard Communication standard also applies to you. It also includes training and a written program.

CLYMCAST™ covers more than just Bloodborne Pathogens. Unlike other programs, it also provides instruction on requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard, Department of Transportation HAZMAT shipping regulations, and multiple other safety topics.

You receive a unique training CD including pictures, video and information specific to your site. The CLYMCAST™ package also contains written programs as required by regulation.

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